These products are amazing. You instantly notice the difference in Quality with Grassroots Herbals. I could not be more satisfied with my purchases! I’ve tried others but none of them come close!

Chris J
Rust Belt Robotics LLC

An absolute godsend!

I run a landscaping/hardscaping company that requires constant wear and tear on my hands. The topical cream is the only thing I have found that works! I have tried all the well know brands like BenGay, and have even tried some prescribed medication for the joint pain in my fingers and elbows and even more severe lower back pain. Although I have found that the prescribed medicine works well for controlling my pain, the side effects make it pointless. With the pain cream I got from Grassroots I get unrivaled pain relief without all the bad side effects I get from my joint medication like dry mouth and headaches. I love you grassroots! Thank you!!!!

Alexa L

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